Analysis Of Sitting Bull's Speech

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Choosing Home I had chosen Sitting Bull’s speech he gave for he was honest and true in every word he spoke that is why it is a short speech he went straight to the main ideas. In Sitting Bull’s speech, “The life my people want is a life of freedom” he explains why he and his people wish to live freely. Bull also explains his beliefs as a Native American from the Sioux nation he believed that he was put here on earth for a reason. Bull’s speech compares his people to those of white color. He expresses the unfairness to be told to live on a reservation “The life of a white men is slavery” (Bull 169). He goes on to show how different white men and Native Americans are; by how they collect food by hunting, where they choose to live is not in the same place for long periods, and although white men have everything they did not have the right to take away liberty.…show more content…
It was a time when white men wanted to claim everything. They wanted to let Native Americans know they had all the fire power to do as they pleased. Sitting Bull did not agree to this IRA because in his speech he said loved the freedom to go where his people pleased, to hunt wherever, and set up teepees where they chose to set up home base. It was this act that led to Sitting Bull’s important speech. The additional information I knew prior to reading Sitting Bull’s speech is everything I had learned in high school about Native American history. Mentioning my background knowledge, had helped me want to write more and read more in depth about Sitting Bull’s speech. I had known about these IRA’s, but I never knew how famous Sitting Bull’s speech could
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