Analysis Of Skyy Vodka Advertising

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The use of sexual and sexist references to attract audiences in media and advertisement is widely used all over the U.S. and the world. The add created for Skyy Vodka depicting a faceless man in a black suit holding a bottle of Skyy Vodka in a tight grip over a young white blonde woman in a small blue bikini with her breast being the center of attention. The Skyy Vodka ad depict sexuality with the female body to sell their products to men. Sex sells and that is exactly what Skyy Vodka advertisement is doing to attract customers. Skyy Vodka is known for the oversexualized advertisement of their vodka, always depicting female body parts and men depicted in a pose that implicitly shows dominance. Such advertising is sexist and they depict women as being nothing more than sexual objects giving the audience the idea that it 's fine to view women as sexual objects rather than as human being with an ability to have the same power as men. The purpose of the advertisement is to create a sense of correlation between dominance and sexuality with the product.
By depicting the body of a woman in a provocative way by showing her wearing nothing more than a small blue and silver bikini that overexposes her breast and become the center of the advertisement, Skyy Vodka is creating the feeling within the viewers that their vodka can bring sexual pleasure. The advertisement is directed towards men as the sexualization is of the woman who becomes nothing more than a sexual fantasy within the

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