Analysis Of Sneva's Short Story 'The Youngest Doll'

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In an article published by Sneva, Diane, she talks about the puerto rican women’s movement and how Ferre’s short story, “The Youngest Doll” came to life. Sneva states as following, “The Youngest Doll” shows a woman who exacts revenge on those who try to prevent her from living fully. Through its heroine the story challenges patriarchal hierarchies and suggests that Puerto Rican females must empower themselves” Sneva points out challenges that women face on a personal level. How they are seen upon like, dolls, just social figures, and men are seen as the patriarch of the society that use the dolls for show. Just like in reality how men are seen as for example, the CEO of a company, while women are seen as the secretary. Also agreeing with me…show more content…
She uses these dolls to represent women, “ … the porcelain of the hands and face was always translucent; it had an ivory tint to it that formed a great contrast with the curled whiteness of the bisque faces”(7). These dolls are a clone of women, perfect skin, perfect tonedness, just appealing to the eyes. Later on in the story the young doctor begins selling the doll piece by piece. In my opinion is his wife, he is taking her apart, piece by piece. The aunt made all these dolls and gave each to her kids, each year when they grow up. The youngest daughter, when she got married to the aunts doctor's son, received a doll from her…show more content…
Using that to represent his wife, she is that doll because he is taking her piece by piece, selling her and having her sit out in the porch and having the doll sit out, just like her. Now with a sad smile, the doll and her. Also agreeing with me is Ksenija, Bilbija. Bilbija wrote in her article that, “The golem(doll) represent creation and oppression and, as a female, suggest, the treatment of women as objects … Rosario Ferre’s story “The Youngest Doll” carries a brilliant feminist revision of the traditional role that the image of the mannequin embodies?” Men tend to take advantage of women, and just use them for their outer shell sorta speak, not for what they have in the inside. Ferre uses her unique way to express

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