Analysis Of Sniper On The East And Front

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Sniper on the East and Front is an informational non fiction narrative written by Albrecht Wacker. The novel was first published in 2005 by PEN & SWORD. The book is one-178 pages long with a two-page epilogue following Sepp’s life for a short period after his service. The price to purchase the book can range from $13.00 to $24.00 in Canadian currency, depending on the edition you choose and where you want to purchase the book from. Sniper on the Eastern Front starts by introducing Sepp Allerberger, the main character of the novel. Sepp was born in 1924 and was the son of a Carpenter. The story begins in 1943 when Sepp Allerberger finishes his apprenticeship and is called up to serve in the Gebirgsjäger (alpine or mountain troops of Germany)…show more content…
The war forces a soldier to choose between the safety of himself, his friends or the strangers on the other side of the battlefield. The so-called opponent or enemy could have a job, a family, friends, and an entire life before the war waiting at home. The author gives readers a first-hand experience to the situation when he states "He felt paralyzed and was unable to pull the trigger, and he had to put down his rifle and take deep breaths to regain his composure" (15,16). Demonstrating the intensity and anxiety, that Sepp has to face when engaging battle. Albrecht Wacker wrote this book in a serious tone because war, especially ones such as World War II, which caused the deaths of millions of people, is not a topic to take lightly. The book is descriptive and entertaining, along with a structure that is very effective because it is easy to follow along and easy to understand. Wacker provides the readers with an insight into the reality of a World War, the cruel and harsh events that each soldier endures throughout the war. This book appeals more to young adults as well as adults because there is some profanity used to enhance readers’ experience. Connections that I could personally make about the book would be the thesis, that no matter how much you train, no matter how many soldiers you kill, killing will
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