Analysis Of Social Inequality In Seventeen's Magazine

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The definition of inequality or social inequality is the unequal distribution of wealth, power, or prestige among members of society. The definition of stratification or social stratification is the division of society into groups arranged in a social hierarchy. Racial inequality is the difference in such as an opportunity and or treatment that is a result of someone’s race. An example of this is when African American children could not go to the same school as Caucasian children. Inequality of class is the hierarchy arrangement with in a caste system or society that’s based on the access to such resources such as wealth, property, power and or prestige. The amount of money that is distributed among the population is an example, how the top one percent of the population holds the majority of the money. The Inequality of gender is the unequal treatment or the understanding of individuals based on their gender. The example for this is when a women or a man is denied a position in there job based on their gender. Another example of this would be the pay gap between men and women, while working the same job for the same amount of time.
Seventeen magazines was the magazine that was chose for this assignment. This specific issue of Seventeen magazine has a total of one hundred twenty-eight pages. This issue has about sixty-eight pages
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It wouldn’t make sense for a tractor company to advertise parts for a tractor in a Seventeen magazine. Seventeen as well as companies choose what product and where they will be placed in the magazine. For example all the makeup and hair dye ads are in the same area of the makeup and hair tutorial. Apparel is in with the fashion and accessories. They direct your attention to there with different paper or foldouts and even free samples. This all will mostly appeal to young women and preteen girls that is the direct

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