Dramaturgical Social Interaction

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We live in a world of contact, a world whereby a day doesn’t pass by without engaging in contact with others, therefore this writing will try to condense the symbol interactionalist approach to human interaction and the society, secondly describe a communal contact which is a social interaction that I have recently noted that encompassed a front stage presentation (Goffman), I will therefore use Goffmans dramaturgical representation of social interaction to investigate this scene I have recently noted, and lastly suggest a method supplementary than dramaturgical (Goffman) or mutual orientation (Simmel) in that the scene I have explained might be Sociologically analysed or rather explained. According to Blumer, (1969) symbolic interactionism…show more content…
We therefore take note of this where my father stands up to welcome Mr Sekele, we can therefore argue to say that he did this intentionally so to impress his audience which was this business man. We can once more see this where my mom demonstrate her competency with the food she prepared, we can therefore say she did this so to show too Mr Sekele that she is competent when it comes to cooking, and this was additionally visible where we as the whole family gave ourselves in a professional business manner to Mr Sekele so to discern us as people who understand what they are…show more content…
From the meeting I have outlined we can recognize that my mother tried by all means to uphold the meaning of the situation, and she did this by posing relevant remarks and these was about the supermarket and how they would like working together with Mr Sekele. My father additionally tried to uphold the meaning of the situation by making good statements concerning the supermarket and this allowed them to show too Mr Sekele that they are competent and they understand what they are doing hence he was

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