Critical Analysis Of Sonnet 29

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WRITE-UP SONNET 29 BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE INTRODUCTION TO SONNET One of the most popular forms of poems in English Literature is the sonnet. This art has become one of the well-known subject matter to those who are indulged in literature. Sonnet has a fix and systematic structure in which it is usually links to the human’s emotional state and the argument-resolution situation. This structure of the sonnet somehow gives the effective impacts to the readers. Sonnet was introduced earlier in thirteenth century and it underwent some development in the fourteenth century by an Italian poet, Francesso Petrach (1304-74). Starting from that time, sonnet became popular trends for playwrights and poets especially during William Shakespeare’s era. Thus, William Shakespeare was one of the poets whose wrote an enormous number of sonnets which sums up to 154 altogether. One of the most well known sonnets by William Shakespeare…show more content…
The absence of the element of love will definitely makes it hard for people to survive in any situations. As being portrayed in Sonnet 29, the poet was actually at his miserable state. He felt unlucky and he gave up as if there were no hopes left for him. However, the power of love of his beloved saved him from being suffocating and drowning with his problems. Thus, it is undeniable that lovers will definitely depend to each other for survival. The dependence made them relieved as they think that they have one another to support them whenever they face difficult times in these lives. This situation is best explained by having parents or husband-wife as the examples. If the mothers or wives felt sad about some events, the fathers or the husbands will be there to comfort them. The same goes to the fathers or the husbands. If they are feeling sad about something, their partners will eventually console them and this shows that they are actually complementing each
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