Analysis Of Sonny's Blues By James Baldwin

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When writing a story, of any length, the most valuable part of the story are the characters. They drive the narrative and relate the story to a reader. Beyond the characters however, their relationships to others are perhaps even more important. Baldwin takes the relationship between two brothers, a relationship that is often rife with disagreements and strife, and elevates the story by relating the relationship to the struggle of people with different values. By bringing in the human aspect of a sibling relationship, he is able to voice his view on people of different vocational values. Although people might have the same roots, they can be very different people who see the world through a different lens. There is also a sense of light and darkness throughout every aspect of a person’s life which people will be confronted with and have to make a decision where they will go. It is ultimately up to the person and the decisions they make which lead them either to the light or the dark. In James Baldwin’s short story, “Sonny’s Blues” the relationship between two brothers with opposite vocations in life come together once again to begin understanding one another. The two main characters are an interesting dichotomy which serve to emphasize the main conflict. The narrator is a logical and practical man who wanted to ignore his feelings from the past in order to move on with his life. Sonny is the opposite. He is more free-spirited and emotional in his life and wants to feel
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