Analysis Of Sonny's Blues

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In the story, “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin insists, that music is a universal language that speaks life into a dead soul. Stereotypical notion of music arouses emotions that are disregarded. The story demonstrates the significance of music and the components that communicates needs and wants. Sonny’s character was not very talkative, but his music spoke with volume. This paper will analyze the elements of music told in “Sonny’s Blues” that connects and bonds the characters emotionally, physically and socially. “Sonny’s Blues” is a story that projects music as the voice of reasoning. According to the article, the first exposure to music exhibited as Sonny’s friend and the narrator approached a bar. The intriguing sound caused Sonny’s friend to look inside out of curiosity. As stated by Baldwin, “The jukebox was blasting away with something black and bouncy and I half watched the barmaids as she danced her way from the jukebox to her place behind the bar ” (pp.125). In this view of the passage, the sound of music increased the cultural cohesion between people. The music lured the characters into the bar acting as a social glue. Although the narrator appeared to have no real interest in entering the bar, the inviting present of the music felt welcoming and embracing enough to enter. Social gathering continues to be demonstrated throughout the story of “Sonny’s Blue” because of the hidden messages illustrated. Performing at various clubs Sonny’s father and brother
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