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Sophie Scholl: The Final Days is a breathtaking movie which is about a group of students who belong to the White Rose, and fight against the Nazis through the use of words. The main character of this movie is called Sophia who was a German student and an anti-Nazi political activist, she belonged to a group called The White Rose non-Violent- resistance (biography online). Sophia Scholl is considered an important symbol of anti-Nazi resistance in Germany. During the movie Sophie Scholl: The Final Days, the power of femininity, the figure of a mother, and the power of Christian faith can be observed throughout the movie.
At the beginning of the movie, the power of the female role can be observed in the scene where the members of the White Rose are discussing how they will distribute the leaflets. Hans decides he will be the person who hands out the papers, everyone in the room was too scared to do it except Sophie. S. Scholl was completely wearing red, the color red symbolizes power, courage, and importance (Color Symbolism). The bravery of Sophie can be seen when she noticed that the suitcases still had papers and she decided to go back into the university to distribute the papers, in this part of the movie Sophie wearing a red scarf, shirt and
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Sophie Scholl’s main mission is to save her nation; the nation symbolizes her children since she cares so much about them, like a mother cares for her son or daughter. Sophie cared for nation and her way of expressing it was by handing out the leaflets which could be seen has her protection and guidance. When Sophie was being interrogated by Robert Mohr, he offered her a way out. Sophie declined the offer and wanted to take full responsibility for her actions. This represents a mother because she is caring, brave, and loving; Sophie knew her fate and this did not stop her from following Hans and Probst to death

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