Analysis Of Spoken Into Creation By Ethel Song

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Ethel Song is the author of the poem “Spoken Into Creation” which talks about believing in God’s words. The poem is about how important the words are for Song and how in life people stole them from her. “Spoken into creation” talks about the challenges that come when people lose faith. Song had to fight in order to remember how strong she is with God. The poem uses faith to show how no matter what happens in life the words that god gives everyone are forever. In the poem “Spoken Into Creation,” the writer uses symbolism, similes, and metaphors to indicate that God’s words have a powerful meaning in life. Song compares with a simile to portray that people can influence someone else's life with their words. People have to be careful because words can have a very big impact in life. Song uses, “Gouged out by a single sentence like a lion licking every gazelle bone clean.” (Song, 13). Song compares the lion to the people that stole the words from her. A moment in her life when the words from someone else made her empty and feel useless. Words are very powerful. Therefore, it is really crucial to choose them carefully.…show more content…
Song says, “The power of creation and destruction itself in her tongue.” (Song, 10) The writer is explaining how powerful words and how they are taken. It is an inside battle where words can play an important role. It can destroy someone or make things better. God also plays an important role in the way he helps people get through the hardest things in life. The power of god can bring the help to get through the strongest and hardest times. Similarly, words have the power to create a moment but they can also easily destroy
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