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The play “Steel Magnolias” by Robert Harling, is about a group of friends in a small town and later on have to deal with one of their friends who had type 1 diabetes and passed away. The play takes place mostly in a hair salon in a town called Chinquapin, Louisiana. Truvy Jones is the owner of the hair salon and is looking to hire when Annelle Dupuy comes in and asks for the job. Truvy is amazed at Annelle’s hair styling skills and instantly hires her. Later on, comes in M’lynn Eatenton and her daughter Shelby, who is having a wedding on that same day so they both decide to get their hair done, Clairee Belcher also appears at the hair salon to get her hair done. Later on, Ouiser comes in the salon and is immediately suspicious of Annelle because…show more content…
Shelby wanted a child even after the doctors told her it would not be a good idea to have a child because of her health. The she got pregnant and she did not have a care in the world and just wanted to have the baby even when she was warned not to by multiple people. Her mom was the most worried about her because she knew that there would be a consequence on Shelby’s health if she did have the child. I see this play’s set on stage as a hairs salon just because while I was reading the play, I pictured a lot of the scenes in the hair salon. The effects would work because that’s exactly how the play started off and that is where a lot of scenes take…show more content…
I say that Ouiser is the antagonist because her attitude is always terrible like something bad is always happening to her. When Annelle came in to the hair salon, Ouiser was not very welcoming when she just started asking a bunch of personal questions to her and forcing her to talk about something she obviously didn’t want to talk about. Of these two, I believe the most challenging character to play would be Ouiser because you would’ve to almost be in a bad mood yourself so you can play the character better. My favorite character of the play is Annelle because she started from nothing and got a job and made friends out of it. From there, she found her boyfriend who she married and now has a child with. Also, she changed spiritually which was also very inspiring. My least favorite character was M’lyn because when Shelby was pregnant she was not happy for Shelby and was upset instead. M’lyn should have just been happy for Shelby because she really wanted this baby and if that is what makes her happy than M’lyn should be fine. I would definitely recommend this play to a friend interested in theater because there are so many different characters and personalities to play and some scenes just speak so much without saying very

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