Analysis Of Stereotypes In The Movie Babe

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We all know what it feels like walking through campus with the feeling of being stalked by people silently watching, judging and analyzing. People judge based on the clothes one wears, the shoes he or she wears and even the way one walks and talks. Humans have a natural instinct to place others in a group based on superficial characteristics without knowing them. The film scene from the movie Babe in which I have chosen to analyze suggests that stereotypes or predetermined notions about other individuals without getting to know them are second nature to humans. However, the scene also suggests that if people took the time to get to one another, then humans would realize that people are more than what humans perceive them as at first glimpse. This suggests that no two people are the exact same and if humans would take the time to get to know one each other, they would realize that these superficial stereotypes are less true.…show more content…
Shortly after, Farmer Hoggett opens the gate to the show pen and instructs Babe to “go on” meaning that he wants Babe to herd the sheep out of the show pen. Fly tells Babe that he needs to be dominant and if he is then the sheep will do as he says. Babe gets up and starts trotting around the show pen barking at the sheep trying to get them to move and imitate the way the sheepdogs act because Babe has seen it done before and it has worked. Soon after Babe runs around the show pen like the sheep dog the sheep laugh and one of the sheep informs Babe that all he has to do is ask and they will do as he says. The sheep, elated with Babes manners walk out of the pen in two single file
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