Analysis Of Steven Salzberg's 'Get Football Out Our Universities'

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In Steven Salzberg, “Get Football out our Universities”, he makes the argument that football in universities are holding the United States back in the race of science. He believes if the United States eliminates football all together in universities we would focus more on what universities were originally made for, which is science and math. Throughout the argument Salzberg uses different types of rhetorical strategies to compel his audience to sway in his direction. Although, he used strong rhetorical appeals, it was hard to agree with Salzberg due to multiple logical fallacies Salzberg committed.
To begin with, Salzberg makes a seemly unresearched claim, he claims that “Our universities are providing a free training ground for the super-wealthy owners of professional football teams, while getting little in return”(Salzberg 1). In this quote, he states that universities get little in return, but if one does a little research, the reader can see universities receive a great amount of benefits. For example, colleges can receive money from games in their stadiums whether they win or lose from tickets, concussions, players, and etc. The sports department is a big money makers in universities, not to mention colleges can also can gain publicity, if a player gets famous off the college’s team. They can receive attention for the news, magazines, and social media, which can gain the attention of aspiring students wanting to follow in their players footsteps, and led the colleges

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