Analysis Of Storm In Chandigarh

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Abstract Sahgal has been portrayed the disintegration of values in politics in her all the novels. Even She has given more vital to protagonist in her novels similarly who focused in her Storm in Chandigarh in which she introduced The Social Realities with Survival Strategies of protagonist In Storm in Chandigarh, the scene of action shifts from Delhi to Chandigarh,. How the protagonist has to be realize the Social Realities with Survival Strategies. It depicts the conflict between the two diametrically opposite forces, violence and non-violence represented by Gyan Singh and Harpal Singh. With the incidents like the violence that breaks out in the factories and the strike by the electricity men, the political storm gathers momentum.
Social Realities, Survival Strategies, Protagonists, dominant politics

In Storm in Chandigarh, the scene of action shifts from Delhi to Chandigarh, but the same storm of This Time of Morning continues to rage in Storm in Chandigarh. The further linguistic bifurcation of Punjab into Haryana and Punjab nearly twenty years after the first partition based on religion is the situation; political tension between the two newly carved states regarding the boundaries, water and electric power is the theme and as the capital of the two states, Chandigarh is the stage for the action. The novel that begins with the sentence “Violence lies very close to the surface in the Punjab.”(P-1) The political novel shares
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