Analysis Of Storm Warnings By Adrienne Rich

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In the poem “Storm Warnings” by Adrienne Rich, the speaker of the poem seems to be conflicted with an internal issue, which she compares to dangerous weather outside, saying the two are very similar. The speaker seeks protection from the storm that is brewing both internally and externally. By doing so she finds the impossibility of changing the course of this disruption. Throughout the poem the speaker goes from expressing her concerns for protecting herself of the dangerous outside elements to comparing those dangers to the ones she experiences from within.
The first 9 lines of the poem illustrate the anticipation felt by the speaker before the disturbance of a literal storm. There is a strong sense of anxious imagery in the line “of grey unrest is moving across the land” (4). This particular type of imagery brings up feelings of darkness and unease. The inclusion of describing the unrest as “grey” emphasizes the eeriness of the situation. Often when someone is anxious over a situation they feel the eeriness of the unknown surround themselves. With this line, the speaker is able to create a tone of anxiety and impatience as the speaker awaits the storm. There is also the repetition of the word “Walking” (3,6). The word walking often implies slow motion moving, or moving without any sense of urgency. The storm that the speaker is describing is rolling in slowly adding to the feeling of anticipation. Finally, there is a strong, tense image added in the line “Boughs strain
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