Susan B. Chamberlain's Speech During The Civil War

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Throughout history many people have said stupendous things that has shaped the world for the greater good. Susan B. Anthony’s speech was an incredible, well thought out speech. It inspired and motivated women that they to needed the right to vote. That they needed to be treated as equally as american men. Another amazing speech that happened during the Civil war was a speech given by Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain during the three day Battle of Gettysburg. He told the 120 men that he would see if they could get fair treatment at the end of the war even if they didn’t choose to fight. Chamberlain is the head of the Union Regiment. The regiment started with over 1,000 men now there’s 300. 120 mutineers were brought to Colonel Chamberlain and were told to walk with Chamberlin or he could shoot them. Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s powerful speech provoked 114 men to fight alongside the Union Army once more because of the way he treated the soldiers.
Chamberlain’s powerful speech persuaded all but 6 men to fight again. Chamberlain chose some powerful words, he connected to the men and understood their condition. The first character trait that describes Chamberlain would be respectful. In the text it states “ when was the last time you ate? Heads came up. There was no answer. Then a man in the front said huskily, Were, hungry Colonel. Chamberlain nodded. They told us you were coming just a little while ago.
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But, viewing Chamberlain's speech enhances his words because you get the full effect. His tone and facial expressions are only able to see if you are watching it. In Chamberlain's speech screen he says “Chamberlain takes a pause and tries not to show he has tears in his eyes then says sorry I didn’t mean to preach”(Gettysburg). This reveals how in the book we wouldn’t of saw that he was crying but in the movie we saw the emotions and those emotions affected the
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