Analysis Of Swaddling Clothes

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I. INTRODUCTION The short story Swaddling Clothes by Yukio Mishima was first published in Japan in 1995. This short story is really dramatic that status social was existed in that time. The baby is born an orphan and the Doctor told the assistant to wrap the baby by the newspaper. What they did to the newborn child that did not know anything, they cruelly treatment the baby. This short story makes me think that the status social that I have since I was born will contribute my future. Which place we born will present how people around us will treat us. Something like that is not fair, but we can ignore that, because it really exists. Like in the short story, Toshiko images how the nurse’s son will grow up and would the nurse’s son will get jealous with her son, because her son live properly. Thereafter, the incident and how people treat other people based on the status makes this short story full of morality. II. ANALYSIS 2.1 Plot Structure 2.1.1 The Initial Incident The story begin with tells as about Toshiko’s husband that always busy with his work as an actor. Toshiko’s husband leaving her to go to their home alone by taxi because of her husband should go to an appointment. 2.1.2 The Rising Action Toshiko had joined her husband at a night club. In the club Toshiko got shock that her husband told the story about “the incident” to his friend. Toshiko’s husband told the story with humor. He told her friend his son’s nurse arrived to his house with distended stomach and the

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