Analysis Of Sylvia Plath's Daddy

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I: What impressions do you form of the poet’s relationship with her father? Within the events of Sylvia Plath’s poem, Daddy, the speaker manages to emblematically illustrate her father through the usage of metaphorical descriptions that appear to evolve throughout the poem. Whilst the title in itself appears to paint the picture of innocence to the reader due to its childlike-esque connotations, the poem appears to be a more of widespread canvass of emotional distress and anger. Therefore, it also leads the reader to believe that the poet experienced a great deal of fear towards her father due to heavy implications of the usage of terrorization on the father’s part within the relationship. Moreover, it leads the reader to develop the impression that the poet and her father were estranged for a majority of their relationships. It also leads the reader to believe that the relationship between the two was filled with bitterness due to the heavy implications of resentment; however this is mostly seen on the poet’s part. Point: Throughout the course of the poem, implications of a high level of fear within the relationship of father and daughter, however notably on the speaker’s part, grow increasingly evident, which eventually lead the reader to develop the impression that the poet was highly intimidated and fearful of her father due to being exposed to being terrorised by him. Explanation: The reader develops this impression as antagonization between the two is evident as the
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