Analysis Of Ta-Neshisi Coates Between The World And Me

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Ta-Neshisi Coates a well-known writer of “Between the World and Me” uses his book to meditate on what it means to be black in America today. It uses a letter from Mr. Coates to his son, Samori and speaks on living in a country where unarmed black males and little boys are targets of police brutality – such as victims like Michael Brown, Tamir Gray, Eric Garner and many more. Mr. Coates uses this title “Between the World and Me “from Richard Wright who wrote a poem based on the fear he felt growing up. Fearing the police who possessed to have full control of his body, meaning they were beating and frisking anyone whom they believed was causing trouble (“the blacks”). Coates however writes with the purpose of urging his son and other African American boys and men to be watchful, to be careful, and to arm himself with knowledge by giving them recounts of stories of innocent men. “Between the world and Me” is a book concerned with police Brutality and the consequences of being a black man in America. In section 1 Coates tends to go on about different types of violence that non-whites have encountered in America as the result of white culture and a community trying to accomplish or gain with effort control and control over non-white bodies. He goes on to suggest that this is…show more content…
The author premises are that polices should rethink and challenge themselves to understand that their taking the lives of innocent men and it shouldn’t be based on the color of their skin or even by the same excuse or lie that “he had a gun”. The author revisits the mind of his son by drawing back on the pervious chapter of black me understanding and being knowledgeable about what is happening around them, meaning that the system isn’t the sole system that sees blacks bodies as disposable and
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