Analysis Of Taco Bell's Argument

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Your only as old as you feel, it seems that you can still enjoy your life no matter what age you are. The reason why I would say that this ad is insulting because it limits and underestimates the ability of older people. Course it is common among most people that any one older than 65 should be taking a nap, eating oatmeal, going to multiple doctor appointments and should not be allowed to indulge in any physical activity what so ever. I personal object to type of notion as long as it won't harm them internally or physically. Taco bell's motto tells people to "live mas" which means to live more even though this commercial will appeal with most Americans because the people in are defying society by sneaking out acting reckless and wild. Most…show more content…
Several examples shown the characters pretending to fall sleep then sneaking out, driving way pass the speed limit only to arrive at someone else's home to use their pool and then in the end only to be caught by the owner of the home whom was wakened from all the fun they were having. The music used maybe sung in a different language but many can identify the melody as "We Are Young" performed by the band "Fun", which was a very appropriate selection for the mood of this PSA. This embarks the rest of the commercial as a party let loose type of atmosphere which is also displayed by the actors themselves. They even mange to make it back to the retirement home before anyone else notices there gone. Their free sprits probably inspired a lot of older men and women that their lives are still there's to control. In all embracing I would say that happiness is the goal because it seems what everyone else is trying to achieve and after living most of their lives submitting to society, who would deserve this excitement and thrill more than our elderly. They should be allowed to live the rest of their lives as they see fit. Weather it's dying in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their homes or staying up late partying and indulging in junk food. The argument would be easily in favor of our senior citizens mainly because everyone loves seeing other people have as long as it doesn't hurt anyone
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