Literary Devices In Tancredi

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The drama, in its truest sense, combines all other forms of art (music, vocal, dance and design) to represent and effectively convey a message to its audience, be it heroism, romaticism, chivalry or just a mere reflection of ordinary life. The ability of the drama to deliver a subject matter to the audience with a tied up emotional bearing made it a popular entertainment during the Renaissance period- the rebirth of classical values (, 2015).
Rossini is one of the most celebrated composers of all time. His heroic melodrama, “Tancredi” (first staged in 1831) was written when he was twenty (Classical.Net 2015) and was considered as a remarkable representation of his youthful creativity. Accordingly, his contemporary and biographer Stendhal remarked that “Tancredi” was the composer 's most genius work amongst all his works and claimed to be the "genuine thunderbolt out of a clear, blue sky for the Italian lyric theater” (Gosette and Brauner 2001).
“Tancredi” has a good plot that is very much fitting for the time period when it was created, but still enjoyable to watch even in the modern
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Love is not always a fairy tale, Cinderella-happy ending. And this I think is one of the greatest aspects of tragic love as a theme. It is able to acknowledge that love in its truest and most sincere form is not always perfect- it is blemished. Such allows us to question ourselves whether failures in love is always attributed to the people involved, the circumstances and conditions they are in to or by the actions of those people around them. In the case of Tancredi and Amenaide, their love was cut short by the war in the backdrop and the selfish decision of Argirio to marry off his daughter to his rival. Their miscommunication and lack of understanding of each other lead to the destruction of their blossoming
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