Analysis Of Tangerine By Paul Fisher

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Imagine trying to live in a town with muck fires, lightning strikes, sinkholes and constant bullying. This is what Paul Fisher has to endure every day with his classmates and his dissolute brother in a novel titled Tangerine by Edward Bloor. Paul Fisher and his family move to an erratic town called Tangerine County, Florida. Natural disasters strike there everyday, but Paul’s dad doesn’t care he cares about one thing and one thing only, Erik Fisher and the “Erik Fisher football dream.” Paul Fisher is a loving and kind person with an enormous heart. He has helped people multiple times. In one case it puts his own life at risk. Paul and Joey helped their fellow classmates from a sinkhole without thinking twice. “Joey and I dug our heels into the mud about halfway down toward the bottom of the hole. We pulled and grabbed at kids as they made their way up the slippery incline to the top... I must have pulled twenty kids up before I heard Mr. Ward’s voice yell, ‘That’s it! That’s everybody! Let’s get out of here!’ (Bloor 82). This passage proves how selfless Paul is and how he is the complete opposite of his malicious brother Erik, who wouldn’t hesitate to run and save his own life. Paul is always the one to stay behind and help because he is a strong moraled person. Paul 's neighborhood and school settings contribute to the novels’ motif of natural disasters, for lightning strikes and sinkholes are a constant threat. Case in point, daily lightning strikes
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