Analysis Of Tanti Merle At De Oval

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Throughout the Caribbean, many people are familiar with the adamant grandmother or the boisterous aunt who just seem to be very oblivious to what is deemed socially acceptable or the social norm in society. In Paul Keens- Douglas’ audio-narrative piece,“Tanti Merle at de Oval, he illustrates his tragic experience whilst taking Tanti Merle to the big cricket match. Upon analyzing the recording, it is evident that Keens Douglas’ piece relates to many different people and cultures around the Caribbean. The side-splitting piece brings humor to typical scenarios that can take place within the Caribbean islands on a daily basis. The narrators account seems so familiar that despite the event taking place in Trinidad, this scenario could easily be set on any island in The Bahamas. The protagonist in the story, Tanti Merle, can be identified as many of our grandmothers and aunts and other senior relatives around the Caribbean. Among many character traits of some women in the Caribbean , stubbornness or headstrong , talkative, and feisty are a few mannerism that are found to be quite evident throughout the narrator’s piece. In sum, the narrator tells an account of his outing to the cricket match with Tanti Merle. At the beginning of the narrative, Keens-Douglas sets the scene. He starts the story informing the audience that it was Tanti Merle’s birthday and she is really determined and perhaps excited to see the cricket match. The match is Trinidad against Combine
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