Analysis Of Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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English is taught as a compulsory subject of study in public institutions for 12 years in Panama. According to the curriculum, the English language is taught now a day from kindergarten to six years of high for six hours per week. In public schools in Panama (NORMAL SCHOOL) English is taught as a foreign language (EFL). The distinction between EFL and ESL is based on the communicative context that the student has once outside the classroom of English (Brown, 2001). Leaving the classroom what language predominates? English as a Foreign Language (EFL), the student is a social, cultural and linguistic context in which English is barely present or it is not at all and therefore do not need to interact and survive in that context. Teaching English in Normal School falls into that category, as well as teaching English in any country where English is not the language customarily used. Teaching English as a foreign language has curricular, pedagogical and teleological implications.
An important point about learning the English language is that there are little information and knowledge on how English is taught in the public schools of Panama specifically in the Normal School. It is unknown how effective or appropriate are the methods and teaching strategies used in class, how much and how well the students learn the English language and the appropriateness and effectiveness of the evaluation processes. This is because there are no people interested in the study and evaluates the

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