Analysis Of Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire

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4.1 Findings of this thesis A Streetcar Named Desire is regarded as a classical quality of tragedy. It is worth mentioning that the characters in A Streetcar Named Desire are created by a male writer, and is mainly concerned with the predicament of the individual versus society. The feminism reflects on Blanche shows Tennessee Williams’ humanistic solicitude on women in 20th century, which stimulates the introspection of female circumstances in industrial civilized society. On the basis of analysis above, this research proposes the complex nature of the problem of women being underrepresented in history. Tennessee Williams ’portraits of displaced women would help the process of the formation of individual subjective consciousness. By composing his play like this, Williams’ humanistic concern and his understandings of women are revealed. Among Williams’ legions of creation of characters, there is a commonality even though they’re people of different disciplines. In creating his distinctive characters, Williams illuminates the tragedy of the dreamer and has an absolute determination to destroy whatever is unique about herself or she would face annihilation. As Sally Johnson contends, Williams’ primary compassion in his plays is the plight of the individual while the other writers worship individual value(Johnson,1985:300). In his character Blanche Dubois, her tragic endings are inevitable when her individual value can not be fulfilled, such as her desire for love, stature
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