Imagery In Poetry

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Poetry can be used as a completely separate language on how someone can express him or herself, voice their opinions on issues, as well as create something a person can enjoy reading and writing. What makes poetry unique is that it takes ideas and puts them into simple language that the reader can understand and relate to through emotion and imagery. On the other hand, poetry in its form can also be a puzzle in how to interpret what the poem has to say or what the meaning behind or the subject of the poem. The construction, as well as the heart and soul that goes into the creation process of the poem, is what drives the poems to be as unique as the poet intends them to be. Two examples of this are Terrence Hayes and Harryette Mullen who are…show more content…
When the reader first sees this poem on the page they think that it is a bunch of nonsense such as it is a broken up telephone message that the receiver doesn’t understand half of it and the message just turns into gibberish. Some readers can say that the poem is childish, really simple to read and not get the gist of it as well as repetitive. Other readers may think that it is a silly aspect and feel ashamed to even read it aloud or just read it in general. In other words, the world today members of society take things way too seriously and what us humans have to say isn’t always important or have a purpose and is finally catchy. The reader when they first read this poem would think the poem is full of words that mean absolutely nothing and just move on to the next…show more content…
To find the true meaning the reader just has to take a second or minute to take a look at the poem itself. Mullen likes to play with words in the dictionary and in this poem the lines that make up the poem are in alphabetical order just like how the dictionary is in alphabetical order (12). Mullen is also using words that are very onomonopoetic and filled with life to bring the meaning of the poem to life (12). Even though, a person at first wouldn’t think so the words that are used in this poem are actually have been added over time to the dictionary so even though us as readers don 't know off hand what the words mean or their definitions doesn 't mean that they are not in the dictionary. Examples of these words straight from the poem itself are "bon-bon, ack-ack, and Bebe" (12). The meaning of these words from the dictionary since at this point the reader doesn’t know what the definitions are is that a “bon-bon” is a French candy, “ack-ack” is a machine gun to the British during World War II as well as "Bebe" which means a baby in Spanish
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