Analysis Of Terrence Hayes And Harryette Mullen's Poetry

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Poetry can be used as a completely separate language on how someone can express him or herself, voice their opinions on issues, as well as create something a person can enjoy reading and writing. What makes poetry unique is that it takes ideas and puts them into simple language that the reader can understand and relate to through emotion and imagery. On the other hand, poetry in its form can also be a puzzle in how to interpret what the poem has to say or what the meaning behind or the subject of the poem. The construction, as well as the heart and soul that goes into the creation process of the poem, is what drives the poems to be as unique as the poet intends them to be. Two examples of this are Terrence Hayes and Harryette Mullen who are both amazing at what they do as poets as well as creating a ton of great and award-winning poetry collections which drew readers into reading and trying to interpret their poems. Terrence Hayes drew his inspiration for his poetry through the genre of Hip Hop. Hayes makes the inspiration that he has from Hip Hop very clear in some of his poems such as emcee by using references from certain songs or things that everyone expresses or knows when they are in a certain location (Hayes 3). On the other hand, though some of his poems don 't show right away the Hip Hop inspiration elements making those poems a puzzle to try to interpret what the references are if there are any, the inspiration behind the poem, or even what the poem is even

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