Analysis Of Terrible Typhoid Mary

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A woman named Mary Mallon is an asymptomatic typhoid carrier. Everyone around her are innocently dying from this disease. Everyone thinks this woman is causing their disease through her cooking. Is Mary innocent of this disease or is she passing it for her own pleasure to kill? Questions are up in the air and people want to know the answer. In the book, Terrible Typhoid Mary the author Bartoletti illustrates the main character by explaining how unvirtuous, this menacing woman really is and how she will intentionally kill people with her disease. First, Mary Mallon threatens anyone who accuses her of being a carrier of typhoid disease. For this reason, when Mary’s best friend and scientist George Soper accuse her of being a carrier for typhoid disease, she is furious, “ The whole while, Mary swore at them, throwing at them ‘a volley of imprecations’” (Bartoletti 58). This shows how rudely Mary reacts when she is accused of being a carrier for typhoid disease. She acts this way because she knows she is going to get caught for her crimes. The only way Mary covers up her sins is by threatening people. Similarly, Mary had an admonishing reaction when scientist George Soper wanted to help her cure her typhoid disease. Soper explained how is fortunate enough to escape, “When he recounted the incident, Soper didn’t say whether Mary chased him with the carving fork-and if she did, how far he ran- but he did say, “I felt rather lucky to escape” (Bartoletti 44). This woman has
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