Analysis Of That Long Silence By Shashi Deshapande

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`That Long Silence` is an acclaimed novel by Shashi Deshapande. In this story the author reveals an intriguing picture of an ordinary middle class educated woman. The name of the protagonist is Jaya who lives with her husband Mohan and two children Rahul and Rati. The story entirely revolves around jaya her married life and her role as a dutiful wife. She plays the role of an affectionate mother, dutiful to her in-laws and her relatives. It gives a simple enchanting scenes solely expressed by the author. According to the author husbands don`t give attention to wives emotions, likes and dislikes. The author expresses the emotion with vivid details like that of lovemaking, relationship with children, etc. She reflects her lifestyle, her role clarity, is she living for her or for someone else, etc. Throughout the story she is engaged in searching her identity as an individual. In this story one situation arises when husband and wife`s relation was given an offbeat. Two
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She must make the marital home pleasant for him. She must cook the meals, wash the dishes, and take care of the children. She must never enquire about money and she must acquiesce to her husband 's every demand. But what happens when the old customs lose their power and the woman no longer believes her life should be determined in this narrow fashion? This prospect is the underlying theme of Sashi Deshpande’s novel, That Long Silence, in which her lead protagonist, Jaya, undergoes profound changes against the backdrop of an India that is also evolving. There is a shift in values and women have started acknowledging themselves the co-equals of man. Though the high hopes of Feminism have been washed away in the present social milieu, the relationship between man and woman becomes one of structured interdependence. Still the woman has to work for her liberation without resigning herself to her
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