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The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian Essay "A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and make them believe it can be obtained”-Shaun Hithcock. Mentors and role models are important figures in society, they help people succeed in every which way they choose to endeavor. In general, a good mentor is necessary for someone who likes to dream fantasies. This is very clear with Junior in The Absolute Truth Diary Of A Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie Junior relies on the guidance of his mentors, so they can motivate him and lead him to become successful, His geometry teacher, Mr.P, helps Junior to understand the real picture of changing and taking his education at Wellpinit. In addition, to his…show more content…
The second important figure in Junior 's life is his Grandmother. With her old age comes great wisdom and knowledge that Junior benefits from on a day to day basis. His grandmother is truly a person who gives Junior the respect as a mother would do. With her motivational words, Junior can believe he can one day reach success. She also inspires Junior with life lessons that Junior needs in order to become more successful. Her wisdom has always proven to be true even in the weirdness scenarios. Grandmother Spirit is truly an inspirational person who Junior looks upon for his success. His grandmother also has a wonderful set of morals that Junior carries along with him. She teaches Junior how to forgive other people even if it was her killer. Grandmother Spirit 's presence gives Junior a way of relief as well as an escape from school. Following up to Mr.P, Junior goes to the rich white school. Consequently, it is not easy for Junior because there are no first nations at this school. Both of his parents have enough problems to deal with already and Junior cannot find his parents so he turns to his grandmother for advice. His grandmother has a lot of wisdom to share with others. In this case, her grandmother gives him insight of how to fit in and to get more friends. With the new life lessons that his grandmother teaches him, it turns Junior into a more likeable person. "I think it means he respects you," she said. "Respect? No way!" "Yes way! You see, you men and boys are like packs of wild dogs. This giant boy is the alpha male of the school, and you 're the new dog, so he pushed you around a bit to see how tough you are. "But I 'm not tough at all," I said "Yeah, but you punched the alpha dog in the face," she said. "They 're going to respect you now."I love you, Grandma," I said. "But you 're crazy." (Aleixie 58) In this quote it shows that his grandmother really thinks before answering a question so she can give her honest opinion about the topic. Furthermore, she

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