Analysis Of The Age Of Miracles

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The book, The Age of Miracles, shows how the changing Earth itself, has multiple negative impacts towards characters. The Age of Miracles, is a book written by Karen Thompson Walker. The Age of Miracles, revolves around a growing adolescent named Julia living with her parents. The beginning reveals that the Earth 's yearly rotation is slowing and is causing multiple alterations to the Earth. Humans appear to be experiencing abnormalities and focussing on Julia at such an age, must find ways to adapt to this new phenomenon that will definitely change her life. Changes to Earth sets out multiple negative effects towards all species that inhabit the Earth. First, these alterations causes human feelings to shift such as relationships. Next, these effects on humans can…show more content…
Relationships can be very weak and major adjustments such as consequences of the Earth’s slowing, can ruin relationships and leave others devastated. First, love is a strong relationship but at times can be very prone to many factors and such changes can leave others heart broken. Julia’s father is caught by Julia cheating on her mother with Julia’s personal piano teacher Sylvia. Julia confronts her father to him explaining that he can no longer love her due to the changes that she has been going through. The slowing is event that is revealed at the beginning of the book representing the Earth’s rotation slowing down. Julia’s father is seen to love Julia’s mother and is evident in the beginning but it appears that after Julia’s mother has fallen ill due to the slowing he has started to turn away from her. Julia’s mother becoming ill is one of the prime examples that show the effects the change the Earth is having on humans. Julia’s father likely made the decision to stop loving Julia’s mother due to her illness which is directly caused by the slowing showing how the
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