Analysis Of The American Dream By George Albee

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Through Albee’s portrayal of his characters language, gestures, and stage directions, he successfully develops their personalities and allows us to see their relationships with the other characters. His use of the “American Dream” theme further enables us to understand why characters behave in the way they do, and his intention of such behaviour.

Looking at the passage from the play, Albee presents his characters very differently, with clear contrast in particular between the two marital couples. George and Martha, named after the Washington’s, serve as a symbol for the United States of America , and their relationship, through its many dysfunctions, brings to light the false projections of the American illusion of “perfect family life” and superficial fronts portrayed throughout the media during the 1950s. Honey and Nick on the other hand are representatives of this American dream portrayal, and seem to be trying to fulfil this false façade in a way that they make Martha and George’s relationship seem all the more abrupt and imperfect. We can argue that Albee uses Nick and Honey as objects of manipulation, allowing us to see into the conflict occurring within George and Martha’s marriage and to highlight this idea of superficial emotions and games played in modern relationships.

Albee seems to intertwine love and hate as a single entity in George and Martha’s marriage, making it unclear if their games and attacks are personal or just for show. After notification of
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