Analysis Of The American Dream Is Not Longer Alive

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Yesenia Villalta Ms. George American Literature 19 March 2018 The American Dream is not Longer Alive The negative side of the American Dream comes when people pursue success at any cost, which in turn destroys the vision and the dream (Azar Nafisi). It states that people do not achieve the American dream because they do not have the requirements to reach it. People do not have access to the American Dream just by the simple cause of work, language, and the farm workers. American Dream is not accessible to all people because there are not jobs for immigrants or it is difficult for them to find an stable job to support their families even though they have a college degree. For example, according to The American Dream Still Possible?, “ Today despite…show more content…
The nonfiction “Roberto Acuna Talks about Farm workers” by Studs Terkel highlights that workers hard to breathe pesticides that affected their longs. In other words, the farm workers were treated unfairly. This is significant because it shows that farm workers had no rights about the conditions they worked in. In addition, “They treat him like a farm implement. In fact, they treat their implements better and their domestic animals better.” (Studs Terkel 86). Therefore the workers have the rightest than the animals. As a result of this evidence he need to help them because Acuna witnessed injustice and he wanted a better outcome for the farm workers. In other words, the animal were treated better than the workers so this demonstrate how life can not be easy for many people in the United State to find the American
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