The Anti-Hero Archetype In Edward Bloor's Story Time

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School, when some hear the word, they moan or grunt in frustration, others may even find to enjoy it. However, Kate Peters found herself falling into despair when she found herself enrolled at Whittaker Magnet School. The mysterious school in the basement of a library, said to have the best test scores in more than one country. Also thought to be haunted due to the many deaths in the building, perhaps haunted by demons? Story Time by, Edward Bloor has many themes, characters, conflicts, all of those components to create a good book. Although, one eye catching detail found between the covers of this novel was the anti-hero archetype. Specifically in the main character, Kate. Flawed, cowardly, not heroic, all characteristics of an anti-hero archetype. This is exactly how the main…show more content…
Possibly even illegal things. The principle and his family would do anything to get to the top even harming, and framing others. Then one day, an old man seemed to become possessed and then died. Through many weeks of spying and skipping class, she found out that the demon would only possess someone if they touched a book with the demon inside, the demon may also transfer to any book. Inevitably, more people started to get hurt and the principle endangering himself by trying to cover them up. Knowing this he got a deadly weapon to destroy the demon. The text states, “The six intruders crouched behind the bookcase [....] The book emitted an unearthly glow; then it started to stretch and bulge [....] The red bubble stretched for ten more seconds until it reached critical mass. Then it exploded”( Bloor 358-362). Instead of taking action to defeat the threat herself, her and comrades just stood back and watched. In other words Kate was just staying behind the scenes out of her own curiosity rather then going on an honourable quest to gain knowledge and slaying the monster. Kate is a different kind of character to lead the

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