Analysis Of The Article 'Ethnic Minorities' By Harris Chaiklin

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In his article titled “Ethnic Minorities”, Author Harris Chaiklin began by defining ethnic minorities as a group of people who differ from the dominant group of the country in which they live. This difference may be due to race, nationality, religion, or culture. This differing identity held by the minority can be displayed in several different ways, ranging from distinctive customs, lifestyles, language, accent, manor of dress, their preference in food, attitudes, moral values, or even in their political beliefs. Although many countries have difficulty in assimilating with minority groups, Chaiklin described the United States as being one of the countries throughout the world successful in ethnic mixing. Many people describe America as the great melting pot, meaning we are a heterogeneous or diverse society. Chaiklin also mentions Switzerland as another example of a successful multiethnic country. In Switzerland, people of French, German, and Italian…show more content…
Ethnic minorities often find themselves to be at a disadvantage, because they are often seen as being different from the norm. It is often the minority’s race and religion that can provoke the longest lasting prejudice. Chaiklin states the rate of a minority’s assimilation into a culture is dependent on several different factors. First and foremost, differing skin colors is the most exclusionary reason for lack of assimilation. The older the minority, the harder it is for them to assimilate, with men being more difficult them women. Although the United States has been described as the great melting pot, Chaiklin states there are still some Americans who hold hostility towards minority groups. This prejudice comes from Americans who are threatened by newcomers, often working men and women whose livelihood is disrupted because of the influx of cheep labor provided by minority

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