Analysis Of The Article 'Trans Deaths, White Privilege'

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Boylan, J. F. (2015, August 22). Trans Deaths, White Privilege. New York Times, p. A17(L). Retrieved from When the male transgender to the female, Jennifer realize that white privilege and male privilege exist. Before he became a woman, he never found out that there is male privilege. For example when he became a woman, she walked out on the street at the midnight and heard a male step for the first time. He stated out Trans genders always be decimation some examples like Papi Edward, get shot in Lousville, Ky lamia Beard get shot in Norfolk,Taja gabrielle was found dead in a stairwell in san Francisco, and Londyn Chanel was found dead in north Philadelphia. What she wanted to point out is there are a lot privilege, discrimination, class gap happen every single day, and if we are not the victim or able to be in minority. We may not realize it or understand how…show more content…
Author point out African is developing, but the policy of African is only benefit the upper class which means everything can be control by money. Also, van S. Lieberman, Princeton University claim that wealth, power, and democracy always connected although we try to separate it. Money can affect and control the society by corruption. In the USA, all political party get financial support by consortium. Base on it, a lot policies is to benefit a financial group. Corruption always relate to four groups- politician, Business leaders, military figures, and law-enforcement
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