Analysis Of The Artilleryman's Visions By Walt Whitman

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Walt Whitman is one of nine children, he grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and Long Island and was faced with many different aspects of society. Growing up he had a great fascination of the atmosphere of Brooklyn which led him to journalism at the age of twenty. In 1855 Walt Whitman self-published a collection of poetry, Leaves of Grass which was expanded and revised through many editions until the ninth “deathbed” edition which was published in 1892. His brother was wounded in Fredericksburg Virginia, shortly after Walt Whitman traveled to see him. Once he saw the aftermath he was compelled to work as a nurse in Washington, D.C. as a volunteer nurse, in this time he wrote many more poems. On March 26,1892 he passed away from pleurisy, his funeral drew thousands and his casket could not even be seen do to the amount of wreaths on it.

In “The Artilleryman 's Visions” by Walt Whitman the theme is very anxious and gloomy. The story depicts a injured soldier laying in the middle of a battle field as artillery is being fired around him. It states “I hear the sounds of the different missiles, the short t-h-t! t-h-t! of the rifle balls,” this lets you know that that he is being fired at by artillery. In the letter to his mother he begins to tell about all the people who mocked the wounded soldier which brings
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You can see that the soldier remembers this very vividly. In Walt Whitman’s letter to his mother he talks about the soldier laying in the battlefield, the kind hearted one and the soldiers that mock the injured. He does not go thoroughly in depth about the soldiers personalities. When writing to his mother he wanted to get the main points across about the war and not go into detail about every single
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