Analysis Of The Battle Of The Alamo

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Hernandez 1 The battle of the Alamo was lasted 13 days of glory and was located at a Roman Catholic missions church in San Antonio, Texas. However that battle that defined the border of the United States on February 23, 1836.( Torres 6) The battle of the Alamo was one of the quickest and bloodiest battles for a change in American history that was won by the help of hero of Texas “David Crockett, James Bowie, and William Barret Travis.(Torres 7) Alamo was 13 days that will set a cry soldiers scream before their deaths that is state in history till today. “Remember the Alamo!”
In 1821 Mexico won the independence from Spain, then when Mexican started to let people into their country saying that they would give the people free land to settle on and the Americans were settlement for new land after become a country of their own. Mexico started to become overpopulated as a country then the tension grew between American settlers and the Mexican government or the Mexican who lived in the Texas area known as “Tejanos”. Then the Mexicans government made a law that says that no more American settlers were allowed in the Texas area because it belonged to the mexican government. The settlers wanted the state of Texas, commander Stephen Austin called for a Texas revolution for state.

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The Mexican government weren’t really going to fight back for the state but then one General wasn’t going to settle for less for the country of Mexico.
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