Analysis Of The Beruas Prophecy

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The Beruas Prophecy tells a story about the quest for the famous treasures of Malik Al Mansur, once a ruler of the ancient Beruas Kingdom that decided to leave the city due to the advancement of the Portuguese army. What makes the treasures of Malik Al Mansur is so intriguing is due to the story that it takes the back of forty elephant to carry the treasures to its hidden place and the fact that the treasures remains hidden for two hundreds years adds up to people’s curiosity about the whereabouts of the treasure. These people include a Scotsman from Edinburgh, Governor Robert Fullerton who takes interest in Malay folklore especially those that involves treasure. He assigns his nephew, James Randwick Lowe to oversee the quest. This mission brings Lowe into contact with Sabu, a sadistic pirate who have the role in assisting Lowe in finding the treasure. Little do they know that Sabu was actually an important member, a Paduka of a secret society that also takes interest in finding the treasure because the treasure will help them to conquer the Malay Peninsular and it also said that the treasure also includes Taming Sari, a keris that once belong to Hang Tuah. This secret society is known as Indera Sakti, a society that practices Silat and dark magic. Other than Indera Sakti, there is also another secret society with the name of Darul Kubra. Darul Kubra is a society comprises of the people that are master in Silat and they have the responsibility to protect the treasures of
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