Summary Of The Best Gift Of My Life By Annie Dillard

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In the passage by Annie Dillard, she writes about a moth who was restrained in a jar, then when it is set free, it is unable to fly. In the story “The Best Gift of my Life,” Cynthia Rylant lives in a rundown apartment with her mother. She dreams of a better life. While she is in her small hometown, called Beaver, she feels smart, pretty and fun. This is similar to the moth being comfortable in the glass jar, because it has not been exposed to anything else all it’s life Whenever Cynthia leaves Beaver she feels like she is a nobody: “But as soon as I left town to go anywhere else, me sense of being somebody special evaporated into nothing, and I became dull and ugly and poor”. When she goes away to college, this feeling goes with her. She is
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