Analysis Of The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison

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Toni Morrison is not only a leading African American woman novelist, but also one of the most significant and relevant writers on the literary scene today. Her genius was evident from publication of her very first novel, The Bluest Eye (1970). She has been recognized for her great as a voice of black people and as a great master craft person of dominant literature. For her, writing is a liberating tool, a revolutionary strategy and an artistic mode for self expression. Morrison seeks to produce literature especially of black and explores the distortion of reality by dominant group for their vested interests. Exploring the complexity of black female experiences in black and white society, she is concerned with the idea of ‘a black community’ – how it was, how it has changed and how it should be maintained.
Toni Morrison can easily be read as a black feminist author. She was influenced by the ideologies of women’s liberation movements. When the problems of black women were not addressed by the white feminists as well as by Black arts movement and the civil rights movements, Black feminism emerged which emphasizes the need to include the racial and cultural differences within feminist arguments. The black feminism had questioned the patriarchal ideologies of black movement and the racism in the feminist movement. So, the core of study is the question ‘How alienation from own culture and assessment of self from ‘the Look’ imposed by white society effects the self image of the
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