Analysis Of The Blumrosen's Slave Nation

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The American Revolution, starting in 1775 and continuing through 1783, created what America is today. The book, Slave Nation by the Blumrosen’s, helps readers more truly understand the reasoning and meaning behind the American Revolution. Before reading Slave Nation, readers may have a preconceived idea about the Revolution. Thinking that it was fought over several conflicts including taxes, freedom, and territory. While some of those ideas are correct, they do not paint the full picture of the Revolution after reading Slave Nation. The American Revolution was principally fought to free the colonists from monarchy rule and to the blind obedience it expects. Self governance would allow the colonists to construct their own laws and, armed with this freedom, they could maintain the profitable practice of slave labor. In Slave Nation, the Blumrosen’s remind us of the important role slavery played leading up to the American Revolution. By maintaining it, colonists could form their own way of levying taxes. The ability to levy taxes would appeal tremendously to the colonists due to the Stamp Act of 1765. This act, proposed by the British Parliament, made colonists pay for the debt that Britain obtained from the French and Indian war. Colonists were not happy with this act because they did not have a say in the creation of it. The Stamp Act of 1765 only furthered the wish of colonist to be free from monarchy rule. Most importantly, being free would create a opportunity for
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