Analysis Of Americah By Adichie

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Janek Grzegorzewski
Devin Kuh
28 November 2017

Ifemelu and Obinze are in love having a simple life living in Nigeria. Their love is getting separated when Ifemelu is getting an opportunity to study in America, and she is deciding to live her boyfriend. In America, she is noticing what being black means. Continuing the love, Obinze is trying to get to his Girlfriend but unfortunately, America closed to him, and he was not able to travel there and instead he is plunged into a dangerous life in London. In book Americanah, Adichie is showing the real truth of poor peoples lives, how easier it is to get to the top by having privilege at the beginning and how racism is all-around the world. Adichie is fully explaining ideas of love,
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Adichie 's one of the biggest point is showing the part of love that Ifemelu had. She was living a perfect life with Obinze, but she was not a woman that would lose the opportunity of studying in America. She knew that she is going to come back to him after years when they are going to meet again. She was missing Obinze at the beginning, but their relationship was really weird because sometimes they were messaging each other and still feeling feelings that they had, but sometimes there was no connection between those two people. While she was away from home she wanted to try something new. She wanted to have a different experience with the guy that she meets there. His name was Curt, and they become a relationship. Unfortunately, they haven’t been with each other for a long time. Ifemelu cheated on him with Rob that was just a gut that she didn’t have any feelings too. Their relationship needed when Ifemelu told Curt that she made a huge mistake but Curt didn’t want to listen and he broke up with her. After a while, she has meet Blaine that was her love for the rest of the time in America. “Her relationship with him was like being content in a house but always sitting by the window and looking out.” She was never sure about the love that she was having and that why she after many years she came back to her old boyfriend Obinze and they started dating…show more content…
We all wish it was not. But it’s a lie. I came from a country where race was not an issue; I did not think of myself as black and I only became black when I came to America. When you are black in America and you fall in love with a white person, race doesn’t matter when you’re alone together because it’s just you and your love. But the minute you step outside, race matters. But we don’t talk about it. We don’t even tell our white partners the small things that piss us off and the things we wish they understood better, because we’re worried they will say we’re overreacting, or we’re being too sensitive. And we don’t want them to say, Look how far we’ve come, just forty years ago it would have been illegal for us to even be a couple blah blah blah, because you know what we’re thinking when they say that? We’re thinking why the fuck should it ever have been illegal anyway? But we don’t say any of this stuff. We let it pile up inside our heads and when we come to nice liberal dinners like this, we say that race doesn’t matter because that’s what we’re supposed to say, to keep our nice liberal friends comfortable. It’s true. I speak from experience.” When Ifemelu came to America, that was the first moment that she realized what black means being. People are not treating you the same, for most of the population race, or gender matters. “In America, you don’t get to decide what race you are. It is
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