Responsible For Death Revealed In The Book Thief

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During the novel, The Book Thief it explains in detail how the characters say how they felt responsible for the death about what happened to others and many others said that they felt devastated. When this incident with the pilot and the plane Rudy takes the bears and lays them on the pilot, The pilot then thanks him and then the pilot dies. When Liesel takes a trip to ilsa Hermann 's library she took a book. She gets a letter back from IIsa saying that I know you find me pathetic because I could not employ your foster mother anymore but you only take one book away from me anyways.The last thing is Hans accordion, When Hans dies Liesl places the accordion next to him and then she says bye Papa I will forever miss you. When the Pilot and the…show more content…
So when she gets a letter from Ilsa it says that I thought that this book had been misplaced and I started to panic because the book that you stole everyone had been wanting to read this book so when Liesel gets this note in the book she got all confused she was like why is she giving me this note does she want me to return the book.So she read more of the note and she said to not to punish herself and that she would be fine just next time if you want to take a book don 't look to suspicious about because apparently Ilsa thought Liesel looked guilty for what she had done.The author has stated in the novel that “ It’s ok Liesel I forgive you” she was saying that I 'll forgive you because she knows how much liesel loves to read. Finally, as I said in the beginning many of the people in the Novel felt really sad that many of the ones they had cared about had died. Others even may say that they feel responsible. But the pilot was the one who started all this because he was the one who was conducting the plane incident. So Rudy had felt really bad so he decided to lay a teddy bear against the pilot because even though Rudy was worried about the other people on the plane he wanted to do something nice for the
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