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"The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas", a novel written by Boyne (2006), commemorates the memory of the Holocaust in an exceptionally emotive manner which draw the attention of any reader, regardless his culture, religion or nationality, to the effect of this event on peoples ' life. Consequently, millions of copies of this novel were peddled all over the world, then a movie carries the same name has been on show in 2008. Being emotionally attached by the novel and, even more, by the movie, the researcher paid visits to number of the concentration camp memorials where the Holocaust took place and where large number of people met their final destination.
After visiting these attractions which memorialize the dark aspects in history,
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Research Objectives
The research is attempting to fill the gap which exists in understanding the dark tourism phenomenon. In doing so, both perspectives of dark tourism will be investigated within the framework of a case study of Sachsenhausen concentration camp as one of the multi-layered dark historical sites attracting huge number of dark tourism consumers.
The thesis is aiming also at contributing to the academic research of dark tourism with empirical study in order to support the theoretical assumptions of visitors ' motivations.
Another objective of this research is to achieve deeper analysis of the issues that might affect the interpretation of the historical dark events such as the political and cultural atmospheres (Seaton, 1999).

Study Outline
The framework of this research is covered within five main chapters. The first chapter introduces a review of the previous studies in the field of dark tourism. The chapter further illustrates the following aspects: the origins and evolution of the phenomenon, the various definitions of dark tourism, the supply and demand perspectives, the experiences offered by the dark attractions, the interpretation and presentation of those sites and finally it will point out some of the internationally recognized dark
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