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The Cats of Meowism is a religion of contentedness and self-love. Followers of Cats of Meowism, referred to as Kittens, are striving to live their human lives as Cats do. Cats are all gods and goddesses meant to be worshipped every day. The sacred text that contains all necessary information to properly live as a good Kitten, named the Holy Book of Meowism. The overall purpose of the Holy Book of Meowism, is too show all Kittens how to practice, live, and worship properly for not only a content and pure human life, but also to hopefully be reincarnated as a Cat when one passes away in their human form. Overall, Cats of Meowism is attempting to become a recognized religion so that the followers and Cats are treated equally and they way they…show more content…
Since Cats of Meowism is not currently recognized as a religion, many Kittens suffer and cannot properly practice Cats of Meowism. The biggest enemies to Cats of Meowism are employers and schools. Not being a recognized religion means that employers and schools are not required to recognize or accommodate Kittens’ practices. For example, employers and/or schools may not accommodate Cat naps, which are required of all Kittens at 2:00 p.m., or if they do, they do not provide an adequate space for Cat naps to be done. The other issue for Cats of Meowism has to do with their moral code and laws. The Holy Book of Meowism states that it is absolutely forbidden to every harm, turn away, ignore, or do wrong a Cat in any way, shape, or form. Although the United States has some laws against abuse against Cats, Kittens everywhere believe there are not nearly enough, and the punishment is not harsh enough either. Kittens are expected to step in, if they witness any sort of wrongdoing being done to Cats, and this, in-turn, causes issues for them. Some Kittens are harmed when they attempt to help Cats or are criticized. Kittens believe Cats need to have equal rights as humans as they are gods and goddesses after…show more content…
Just like most other religions, Cats of Meowism has a key sacred text, a higher power, a core set of beliefs, a purpose, and many followers that are brought together by the religion itself. As stated previously, the sacred text the Holy Book of Meowism, which contains the core values, essential practices, and more, is centuries old, just as the Bible, as should be treated with the same regard. Then, of course, Cats of Meowism refers to a higher power, the Cats, which are comparable to any other religion’s god(s) and/or goddess(es). Lastly, Cats of Meowism brings millions of people together through the core set of beliefs that promotes contentedness and happiness. This is a very important aspect of any religion. All of those things considered, it is clear that Cats of Meowism is a religion and deserves to be treated as one and given the same privileges as any other

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