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There is Little Reason to Be Chicken of the Chickenpox Vaccine How can a virus with the name Chickenpox seem threatening? Years ago having Chickenpox turned into a play date for neighborhood children who had not been exposed to the virus. At eight years old I had developed a rash covering my entire body. Instead of people keeping their children away they asked to bring them over. After several days passed, they also became covered in the same rash. Today the thought of purposely expose a child to any illness seems outrageous. Luckily a vaccine is available to prevent Chickenpox. Considering risk, cost, and current cases, it is beneficial to vaccinate with the Varicella vaccine. Chickenpox is a virus known as varicella-zoster.…show more content…
Varivax vaccine should not be administered to anyone which has a history of life threatening allergic reaction to gelatin or Neomycin antibiotic (CDC). Studies has not been concluded on the effects Varivax cause to an unborn fetus, therefor it is also contraindicated for women that are pregnant or who may become pregnant within 30 days after receiving the vaccine (WHO/OMS). Those with HIV/AIDS, cancer, getting cancer treatment or taking medication affecting the immune system should first discuss this with a physician before receiving the vaccine (CDC). A weaker immune system could increase the risk for a severe reaction from the Varivax…show more content…
One reason they choose not to vaccinate is because they question the safety of vaccines. Early vaccines used mercury as a preservative which was later discovered to increase the risk for autism. It is also believed by skeptics that a portion of proceeds from vaccines goes to pay families who has become victims of an adverse effect from vaccines. Others also believe the risk of disease is less likely than an adverse effect from vaccines. Rather than vaccinating against the chickenpox virus, some parents are choosing to participate in what is called a chickenpox party. Once a known case of chickenpox has developed within the group they host a gathering exposing themselves and children to the virus in hopes to developing the virus. It has also been found that some people has mailed materials with the virus on it, which is federal offense since involving the U.S. postal services, and can result in legal

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