Analysis Of The Choice To Do It Over Again By Daniel Flanagan

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Many of us are faced with tough times, hard decisions, and struggles but there are only certain people that have the willpower and determination to overcome those obstacles and change their life for the better. Many of us are faced by little challenges like when the alarm clock goes off for school. Do we get up and go to school or do we go back to bed? The immediate reward is going back to bed and getting the satisfaction of more sleep but the downfall is that you miss your classes. This didn’t seem like an important decision for me until I got to college. It’s way different than high school in the way that class is way more important and you are actually paying for your classes in college while throughout your whole life before if you went through the public school system, school was free. This little decision can determine what path your life is going to be on. With the Daniel Flanagan story we see that it’s an inspiring story and had the potential to be an effective essay, it lacked in important details. Having the necessary details throughout the essay could have created a bigger impact and made it easier for…show more content…
He is at a dead end job working on roofs, he sees himself going nowhere because he is a high school dropout and is looking towards drugs and alcohol for an escape. But everything seems to change when he gets the news that he is going to be a father soon. Becoming a father gave him the mindset that he was going to have to be more responsible now. As his son got older he decided to change his life for him and his son so he began to read books to him. He practiced over and over and three years later he decided that he wanted to go back to get his GED. He was able to pass the GED test on his son’s fourth birthday. And now he is a full time college student studying in

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