The Cobbled Court Quilts Analysis

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The Cobbled Court Quilts is a series of women 's fiction by American novelist Marie Bostwick. Marie was born the youngest of four siblings in Eugene Oregon and had a difficult childhood following her parents ' divorce. However the hard times she spent in the filed taught her hard work, and dignity and offered valuable insights into the minds and hears of communities and settings she would later write in her Cobbled Courts Quilts series. Before she got interested in writing fiction Marie worked as director for women 's ministries in a church, scheduler for a US senator, administered an even planning business, taught religion, acted in TV commercials, danced and sang in musicals, and worked the Oregon bean fields. She first got interested in writing when she decided to attend a writers workshop to avoid playing tennis with her friends while on…show more content…
The lead in the series is Evelyn Dixon a quilt shop owner that recently moved into the town from Fort Worth Texas to form a tight friendship with Liza, Abigail Burgess, and Margot Matthews. The novels are wonderful stories about friendship that assert that one door always opens when another closes. The leads go through difficult events such as unexpected divorce and financial difficulties that change their lives forever. For instance Evelyn gets divorced and is forced to move to Bern, a small tourist town in Connecticut. With a love for quilting it is not long before she meets friends who offer help to get her through some of the most difficult of experiences. The stories are told from the perspectives of Evelyn and Abigail in alternating chapters. The different perspectives to the stories enhance the narrative as the experiences and thoughts of the characters come out better. Quilting which is the single threat of the connection between the friends often brings them together to share their experiences and help each other deal with hard
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