Analysis Of The Constant Gardener And Blood Diamond

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As a young adult living in the modern day South Africa and a student of the German School one is often confronted with ethnical, political and the historical views of both Africa and Europe. ‘The Constant Gardener’ and ‘Blood Diamond’ are films that address these issues. They give their viewers a deeper insight through the actions of the characters into the life of corruption, war, self-sacrifice and morality in the land of African paradise.
In ‘Blood Diamond’ Leonardo DiCaprio is casted as a white South African mercenary called Danny Archer that is confronted with these conflicts. He embarks on a dangerous journey through Africa with a black fisherman and an American journalist that will change their lives. DiCaprio is presented as a rugged, unshaven Rhodesian smuggler with a thick South African accent. He dresses in casual outdoor gear. In the scene after his release of prison he reaches into his mouth with a knife to retrieve a small diamond. This gives him a robust image. He is often filmed with golden rays of sunshine in the background. This lighting creates the typical image of a hero to the viewer. Archer is cynical. He is not afraid to abuse and take advantage of others for his own benefit. Danny Archer represents the African economy. Throughout ‘Blood Diamond’ his character develops from an immoral, egocentric smuggler who is driven by greed and the need to escape his country to sacrificing himself for his friend Solomon and coming to terms with himself.
The themes
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